Power Analysis with Mediation Models

To cite the app use:

Schoemann, A. M., Boulton, A. J., & Short, S. D. (2017). Determining power and sample size for simple and complex mediation models. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 8, 379-386.

The app is available on github, to download the code and run the app locally use this link. The (slower) web app can be found here.

To run the app automatically on your local machine use the following code in R (or RStudio):


# Easiest way is to use runGitHub from the shiny package
runGitHub("mc_power_med", "schoam4")

For presentations on the app see the Supplemental Materials page. Slides can be found here.

A (unproofed) copy of the manuscript detailing the app can be found here.

The shiny and MASS packages must be installed to use the app (MASS is loaded automatically by the app).

For technical details please consult the Technical Appendix.