Determining power and sample size for indirect effects Shiny app to determine power and sample size for simple mediation models. Download the .zip file, extract to a folder and run the run_app.R file to start the app. Web based version (may be slow)

simsem (R package) An R package designed to act as a comprehensive simulator for structural equation models. simsem can generate and analyze simulated data and simsem includes advanced simulation functions including missing data, non-normal data, and continuously varying simulation parameters.

semTools (R package) An R package with the goal of collecting useful R functions related to structural equation modeling. All users of R (or SEM) are invited to submit functions or ideas for functions.

Plotting power curves for RMSEA An online utility to create a plot of power for RMSEA against a range of sample sizes.

R function to orthogonalize indicators for latent variable interactions An R function that will take a data set and create orthogonalized product terms to compute latent variable interactions. Currently available in the semTools R package