Alex Schoemann

Assistant Professor
East Carolina University
Department of Psychology
Faculty Profile
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Dr. Schoemann’s general interests in quantitative psychology lie in the areas of latent variable modeling (factor analysis and structural equation modeling (SEM)), multilevel modeling (MLM), and meta-analysis. Across these areas he has focused on issues related to multiple group models, missing data, longitudinal models, and Monte Carlo simulations. He is interested in encouraging access to advanced quantitative techniques through developing programs in the statistical language R.

Anne Corinne Carroll

Graduate Student
Occupational Health Psychology
East Carolina University

Anne Corinne Carroll, commonly known as ‘AC,’ is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in Occupational Health Psychology at ECU. Her research interests include the unique stresses faced by healthcare employees, recovery from error, and assessment centers.

Ryan Hudson

Undergraduate Student
East Carolina University

Pursuing a double major in Psychology and Mathematics at East Carolina University, Ryan assists the Methodology and Analysis Research lab in various modeling endeavors. As a recent addition to the MAR lab, Ryan’s specific research interests are still unclear; however, he enjoys areas involving heteroskedasticity and classical test theory.